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#3 freekish

alice in wonderland, beetlejuice, the boy, the conjuring,
crimson peak, dark shadows, edward scissorhands, the grudge,
the haunting of hill house, jennifer's body, miss peregrine's home for peculiar children,
psycho, the ring, scream, the shining, sweeney todd

alice in wonderland (x3) // dark shadows (x2) // beetlejuice
(1 - 6)

edward scissorhands // dark shadows (x5)
(7 - 12)

miss peregrine's home for peculiar children (x2) // sweeney todd (x4)
(13 - 18)

the shining // psycho // the ring // the boy // the conjuring // the grudge
(19 - 24)

blondes of horror
(25 - 29)

the haunting of hill house

TW: suicide/hanging
Tags: movie: alice in wonderland, movie: beetlejuice, movie: crimson peak, movie: dark shadows, movie: edward scissorhands, movie: jennifer's body, movie: mphfpc, movie: psycho, movie: scream, movie: sweeney todd, movie: the boy, movie: the conjuring, movie: the grudge, movie: the ring, movie: the shining, tv: the haunting of hill house

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